chat rooms

Happy Chatters is all about providing a safe environment for you to enjoy chatting to people online through means of our popular chat rooms.

Here at Happy Chatters we have a number of rooms for you to choose from including Gay Chat, Teen Chat and the very popular General Chat Room.
So what makes our chat rooms so different from any others?
Firstly our chat rooms are a no registration completely free chat room experience.
Registration is optional and only there for those that want a better experience.

Chat room

users are able to use webcams, microphone, play music through the chat room so everyone else can enjoy!
There are a few very basic rules which you need to be familiar with when entering the chat rooms -
- You must be over 16 to use the chat rooms
- No flooding the chat room
- Follow chat room moderator requests
- Do not give out your personal contact details
- No advertising in the chat rooms
- No phone numbers to be posted in the chat room
- No nudity in the main chat room
- Speak English please in the chat room
Thats it!
Now all you need to do is enter one of our chat rooms!