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Language session with an Associate Practitioner, almost anyone can benefit from online Speech therapy this is one of the newest ways to bring quality speech and language intervention to more people.

We are therefore now offering tele-therapy services via Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Zoom is GDPR compliant and will involve an added layer of password protection for you to access your speech and language therapy sessions. Using Zoom we will be able to speak and to see each other, and we would be able to include your child in the process. There is a facility to share the screen with pictures, games or drawings so that we can continue to provide therapy in a fun and interactive way.


Just like our usual face-to-face session, activities specific to the client’s speech and language needs. With older children, we will work directly through these activities. With younger children, we may ask the parents to have specific toys ready for the session, explain the activity and watch them carrying out the activity with their child, giving feedback during and after the session. We may also send activities and/or worksheets ahead of time to be printed out by the client, which can then also be used outside of the sessions.

​Using online therapy is also an amazing way for parents to catch up with the therapist it enables them to get more from the therapist without any distractions.

We understand that young children may find it difficult to sit in on an online speech and language session we would therefore ask parents to provide us of video clips of tasks we set; we can then use these clips to equip the parents with the necessary tools.

What are the benefits:

  • Access to therapy in your own home
  • More flexibility with scheduling
  • No costs associated with travel
  • Cheaper sessions
  • Fun and engaging
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