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I have had the pleasure to meet Dipaley who made Shay very comfortable along with Sunita Mistry. From the time we were sat with the ladies, Sunita had already told me what the issues are and what the plan is. They dealt with Shay very professionally and with a follow up. .

Shay’s Mummy

Dipaley I really wanted to thank you for all your hard work and excellent service with Ben, he had an excellent progress in the last 5 months and I will definitely recommend you and maybe even be in touch again in the future. Again thank you for all your great work and let’s keep in touch

Ben’s Mummy

Dipaley was recommended to me by Sunita Shah. Sunita & Dipaley have both worked wonders with my son, who has a speech delay.

What sets them apart from all other Therapist I have met – was their personal touch. They took the time to understood my son and our family set up. They thought outside the box and designed the sessions and activities around him.

My son felt shy and insecure when we would go Sunita or Dipaley’s clinic. They are so accommodating that we shifted the sessions and they would go and see my son at school – in a more comfortable and familiar setting to him. This really helped and allowed Dipaley to see and assess my son properly.

As a mother I felt comfortable and at ease with both Sunita and Dipaley; which is so important. They explained everything in detail and also took the time to explain how children’s minds and development works. This helped me immensely as when you understand how and why – you are better equipped to tackle and handle a situation.

I would recommend Dipaley in a heartbeat.

Kaylen’s Mummy

I would not hesitate to recommend Happy Chatters to anyone who asks me for advice about speech therapy. Our 4 year old daughter is now a much confident and happier speaker. Prior to this, her speech was difficult to understand and her nursery requested Happy Chatters Speech and Language Therapy to immediately give my daughter a thorough assessment and provide us with a plan to proceed. After all the worry this was extremely reassuring.

Within a couple of weeks, family, friends and the nursery were all amazed by the progress my daughter had made and now after 8 months her confidence has gone through the roof.

Dipaley from Happy Chatters built a rapport with my little one almost immediately and my dd who was incredibly wary of speaking however Dipaley put her at ease and during the sessions worked with her building her confidence and working towards improving my dd’s speech and other areas of the EYFS development. Her treatment plan was tailored with her interests in mind and was fantastic in sharing techniques and tips to assist us with sounds and words. This meant we could be consistent at achieving goals in between appointments.

Thank you for all your help.

Sia’s Mummy

Deepali has been absolutely amazing since being introduced to my son.

He has come such a long way with working closely with her and they have also formed such a lovely little bond which I think is really important when working on any challenges.

Deepali always went out of her way to send me information and material to work on at home – always wanting what was best for my son in the long term.

I am pleased to say that because of working closely with Deepali my son has really benefitted and will be ready to start the next phase of his life which is school!

For anyone considering speech and language therapy – I would highly recommend Deepali to work with your children.


Dylan’s Mummy

I have been working with Dipaley for just over 2 years. The way she works with the children and gives advice to the staff is amazing. She takes on every child as individuals and are unique. Even when Dipaley sees certain children in the nursery she will also keep an eye out for other children who we are monitoring. She will also give ideas on how to support parents. She has a vast knowledge of supporting children with additional needs and will use a variety of resources to support them.

Dipaley has offered training to the staff and this has been very informative as it allows the staff to really understand behaviour traits and how to support children with additional needs. She is brilliant at what she does and is passionate in her work.

Jeena Kara

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