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Our Nursery Sessions

Here at Happy Chatters Speech & Language Therapy our focus on development is driven through a love of different kinds of play.

In our nursery group sessions we focus on co-operative, physical and pretend play.  Our aim is to help the children with their social skills, their understanding of the world around them and their own actions by leading small group activities where they work together as a team to achieve an outcome.  We do this through fun activities using props, visual aids and clear communication.  

As an example, we may run a session all about pretending to go to the farm, the physical act of getting there using various modes of transportation (sound making, physical mobility), what we may see at the farm (visuals, sounds …), sorting the animals (co-operative activity where everyone has to work together, share & take turns), a physical activity imitating the work a farmer may do and finally some fun on the journey back home.    

Our sensory development activities help children to self regulate in a manner they would otherwise struggle with.  This enables the children to communicate their needs effectively (verbally or non verbally).

We take a holistic approach to children’s development during our group sessions, it is a lovely opportunity for them to build skills such as regulation, listening & attention in preparation for school.  This is all achieved through a lot of fun!

We work with;

  • Bright Little Stars
  • Pinner Parish Pre School
  • Tinkys Day Nursery
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