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About Me

Hi, I am the Founder & Director of Happy Chatters. I run a Speech and Language clinic in Northwest London. I work with children within the early years settings and specialise in working with children on the Autism Spectrum. I am fortunate to work alongside highly professional Speech & Language therapists to ensure a holistic approach in delivering personalised models.

My journey into the world of speech and language therapy came at a time when I needed help in developing my daughter’s speech & language skills. Whilst we worked with the NHS, who did the best they could with the resources available, it became apparent that she would need more for her to progress. I felt it was up to me to open up her world further to encourage and develop her comprehension and expressive language.

As a parent when your child is non – traditionally speaking it is difficult to understand how to help them and this can be extremely frustrating. Working with my daughter has inspired me to help other parents and children in similar circumstances. Using my skills as a professional and a mother I am able to empower parents/caregivers on the best way they can help their children.
Being a proud mum to my autistic daughter has taught me so much but mostly understanding that as parents it is our responsibility to ensure that our children develop the necessary life skills to become young confident people and in doing so a big part of this is being able to recognise when ‘you’ as a parent need help to ensure all their needs are fully met.
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