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Specialist Therapies

OT & Language Development Sessions

Happy Chatters is excited to collaborate with My World Therapy offering both individual and combined (needs dependent) sessions of Sensory Integration Development & Speech & Language.

All sensory assessments will be carried out by My World Therapy and the interventions will be implemented and supported by Happy Chatters team of Associate Practitioners.

Please note if a Speech & Languages Assessment is required this will be carried out by a Speech & Language Therapist (which will incur additional charges).


“Our mission is to provide the important people in a young child’s life with knowledge and training they need to help the child develop the best possible language, social and literacy skills” ( The research based programs provides a structured and friendly approach to developing your child’s communications skills.


“The Derbyshire Language Scheme is an intervention program which targets early language skills. It is highly structured, with carefully graded objectives starting from single words and moving to long complex sentences” (reference from


A model developed by Camden and Islington NHS trust to empower and develop parents interaction with their child in order to gain a holistic communication environment in order to develop the child’s communication skills.


Gestalt Language Processing a form of language development that moves from whole, memorized phrases to single words. These scripts or Gestalts come from movies, videos, and things overheard and memorized. A style of language development with predictable stages that begins with production of multi-word “gestalt forms” and ends with production of novel utterances.

Delayed Echolalia: utterances that are repeated after a significant delay (Prizant & Rydell, 1984). Echolalia is prevalent among individuals with ASD who are verbal and may remain as part of their verbal behavior for some time (Fay, 1969).


Naturalistic Language Acquisition (NLA): a framework developed by Marge Blanc to move from delayed echolalia to self-generated speech. (Blanc 2012).


PARC is designed for parents and carers to support their children’s speech, language, communication skills. It also supports the foundation of academic milestones and highlights the developmental stages of a child’s holistic growth.

The definition of PARC is Play and Routine to Communicate. The fundamentals of developing key skills in Early Years, are done through play and routine which is familiar and repetitive, in a child’s home environment.

More Information

Sensory Development Sessions.

From ages 2-8 years old..

A Sensory Circuit is a sensory-motor skills programme that helps children to achieve the optimum state of alertness in readiness for learning. The circuit provides the environment and the sensory opportunities needed, to get an individual’s nervous system ready to engage in daily life. Participation in a sensory circuit is a great way both to energise and settle children into the school day. The sensory circuit should be an active, physical and fun activity that children enjoy.

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Parenting interventions are designed to give parents and carers a greater insight into their child’s needs and how they can support them.

Parenting interventions can be especially useful when a child is Autistic, has language /development delay or any other special educational need. Sessions are held at Happy Chatters and include a personalised visual communication pack to help support both the children and parents.


  • Colourful Semantics
  • Gestalt Language Processing developing your child’s Natural Language 
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